thuja 200

thuja 200

Exploring Thuja: The Homoeopathic Marvel for Women with PCOD and PCOS

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Thuja 200 Introduction

Thuja, also known as white cedar, is a tree whose leaves are used to extract oils for medicinal purposes. The tree natively belongs to North America. It is an ancient practice of extracting nutrients from plants and using them as medicines. The medicinal properties of this tree were discovered by native Indians in Canada. In this way, the awareness of this medicine increased and its health benefits were discovered.

Thuja 200, also known as Thuja Occidentalis 200 homeopathic medicine is made from the thuja tree and is used for various health benefits. It helps to cure various disorders in the body. Thuja Occidentalis 200 helps in curing the symptoms related to PCOD/PCOS like hair loss, cyst formation, weight loss etc.

Thuja 200 tablet uses

Thuja is a medicinal tree with various health benefits. One of the widely used tablets of this tree is Thuja 200 tablets.

Thuja Occidentalis 200 CH uses provide great benefits like:

  • Respiratory Disorders
  • Cold sores
  • Bacterial Skin Infections
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Nerve Disorder
  • Boosts Immune system
  • Increases urine flow
  • Acts as an insect repellant
  • Helps in curing the symptoms of PCOD/PCOS like hair loss, weight gain, infertility, cyst formation etc.
  • Used as a flavouring agent in foods and beverages
  • Used as a fragrance in cosmetics and soaps.

Thuja 200 price

Thuja 200 uses have gained so much popularity with its benefits that the price gets affected as well. However, the average price range of the medicine ranges from Rs. 100 – 300. The price differs with the difference in the potency of the medicine. Generally, one purchase is enough to suffice for a month but the actual amount depends on the dosage prescribed.


Thuja 200 dosage

The dosage of homeopathic medicines is unique for every individual. Even though the disease may be the same, there is always a distinguishing factor that leads to either change in the medicines or their potencies.

Dosage of thuja 200 may vary from 1 pellet to 6 pellets at a time depending upon the age and diagnosis of the patient. It is advisable to visit a doctor and take the medicines as per the prescription. We should never decide the amount of dosage.

Why should you get help for PCOD?

PCOD is a disorder for which women have to take help. Not taking help will lead to an increase in the symptoms and worsening of the situation. Let us know more about PCOD/PCOS and then decide whether to take help or not.

What is PCOD/PCOS?

Polycystic Ovarian Disorder or PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome are similar diseases with similar symptoms and diagnosis. This disease is related to periods, which is why only menstruating women get infected with the disorder. The sudden formation of cysts in the ovaries gives rise to this disease, which then brings in other symptoms like acne, weight gain, hair loss, facial hair etc.

What are the symptoms of PCOD/PCOS?

The symptoms of PCOD/PCOS are quite many and they are so natural that it may take the patients some time to understand the existence of the disease. Usually, patients have to observe for some months after finally going to the doctor and getting a check-up. The early signs or symptoms of the disorder would be irregular periods. Though the patient doesn’t need to have irregular periods, however, most women have it.

Other symptoms could be

  • Severe pain during periods
  • Spotting before the period starts
  • Unusual weight gain
  • Hair loss
  • Growth of facial hair

These symptoms help in identifying the disease, however, it is very difficult to accept them.

Why does it happen?

The exact reason for the occurrence of the disease is quite unknown. Researchers have failed to trace down the origin as well as the end of the disease. Also, there is no specific pattern among the patients of PCOD/PCOS.

The only similarity that they all have is menstruating women. That is, women between the age of 12 – 50. However, another reason could be

  • Genetics – If we have a family history of PCOD/PCOS patients, then there are high chances to have the disease.
  • Increase of male hormones, that is, androgen in the female body
  • Excessive production of insulin
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Pollution
  • Early-onset of periods

    These are a few contributing factors leading to the occurrence of the disease.

To whom it happens does it concern?

It concerns all the women going through the disorder. PCOD/PCOS not only affects a woman physically but mentally as well. The changes in appearance create a huge impact on our minds. So it is best to take the help of medicines that are neither chemical in nature nor will they have harmful side effects to minimise the effect of the disease as much as possible.

What are the biomedical ways available to cure it?

Let us first understand that there is no cure for the disease. No type of medication will help you remove the disorder from your body.

The primary step after the diagnosis of the disease is to consult a doctor and find the best medicines that suit our body. Looking for biomedical ways on the internet is a very risky task especially during the initial stages of the treatment.

There are innumerable biomedical ways to browse through and select the one’s best for us.

How does Thuja 200 help with PCOD?

Thuja 200 homeopathic medicine is made of Thuja occidentalis plant species containing a substance named thujone. Thujone has the properties to fight against viruses and other harmful bacterias in the body. It is because of this substance that the formation of the cysts in the ovaries reduces or stops.

So Thuja 200 helps with PCOD by reducing the formation of cysts in the ovaries and stopping hair fall. One of the main reasons behind the disorder and its symptoms are cyst formation, which we can effectively control with the correct dosage of thuja 200.

Is homeopathy effective for PCOD?

We always hesitate when we switch from allopathic medicines to homeopathic medicines. Fear of getting positive results looms around our head but gradually we understand the need.

Allopathic medicines provide us with instant relief to our problems. However, regular consumption of these medicines makes the body dependent on them. Spending a day without consuming the medicines aggravates our problems.

Whereas, homeopathy takes time. We don’t feel instant relief after taking the medication but with regular intake of the medicines, we get to see the results. Most homeopathic medicines do not have any side effects, therefore it does not make our body dependent on them. However, timely consumption of the medicine is very important.

Available treatment options for PCOD/PCOS

There are numerous treatment options available to treat PCOD/PCOS. Let us know about the treatments from each branch of medicine.

Ayurveda – Ayurveda is the ancient way to treat a disease that started in India some thousands of years ago. Ayurvedic treatments include a set of therapies, lifestyle changes, food changes etc. the holistic approach is used to create a balance between body, mind, and soul and treat the disease by maintaining the balance. However, consultation with the doctor before starting ayurvedic treatment is vital. As the doctor is aware of our body health and would know what is best for us.


The most common treatment resorted to by most people is allopathy. Here, surgeries are conducted only when the patient is in a serious condition. Generally, doctors prescribe medication and dietary changes to help control the effect of the disorder.



The homeopathic treatments help us in boosting our immunity to be able to fight the disease effectively and efficiently. Homeopathic medicines are prepared with the amalgamation of natural oils and extract combined with other organic substances to get the best results.

Is Thuja 200 safe for consumption?

Thuja 200 is safe for consumption. The key ingredient of thuja 200 medicine is thuja occidentalis, a natural plant used for medicinal, flavoring, and fragrance purposes. The natural oils of the plant are extracted for the patients to benefit from it.

However, Thuja 200 should be taken according to the prescribed dosage only. An overdose of the medicine and result in severe conditions like

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Painful diarrhea
  • Seizures
  • Death

Now, we know the serious consequences of an overdose. This is why to be very vigilant while taking the medicines.

How to take Thuja 200?

The best way to take Thuja 200 can be prescribed by the doctor only. Homeopathic medicines are not very flexible when it comes to the intake of the medicines. Some medicines can be taken directly, however, some have to be diluted with water and so on. So, we should consult the doctor to know an appropriate way to take the medicine.

However, it is usually said that taking 1 to 6 pellets by mouth is helpful. The amount of pellets differs with age. So it is better to ask the expert.

Safety advice for Thuja 200

Thuja 200 is a safe medicine to use. There are no side effects of the medicine found so far. It is manufactured using the thuja tree and has all the natural properties in it to benefit with various disorders mentioned above.

However, there is one precaution that all of us must take. We have to be very vigilant when consuming medicines. The correct dosage has to be taken at appropriate timing. An overdose of the medicine can cause many serious problems, some fatal too. So it is better to be consistent and cautioned.

Substitute of Thuja 200

There are various homeopathic medicines available in the market to cure PCOD. We know that Thuja 200 specializes in relieving us from cyst formation and hair loss. For which we have a few substitutes like

  • Acid flour – helps in reducing hair fall and cyst formation.
  • ApisMellifica – This helps with stinging pains and heat strokes occurring in the summer months.
  • Pulsatilla – it is the best remedy to cure late and less flow during menstruation.
  • Sepia – helps immensely in getting pregnant and bearing down the pain.
  • Lachesis – Acts as a miracle with the pains occurring on the left side of the body, namely the pain in the left ovary.
  • Graphites – It is the best remedy to cure PCOD with constipation.

Quick tips for Thuja 200 and PCOD/PCOS

  • Strict sleeping cycles must be implemented. Sleeping is the time when our body repairing or growth takes place. Poor quality sleep leads to insulin resistance, increased male hormones, eating disorders etc. all linking to the greater disease of PCOD. Sleeping at night is a must.
  • Pregnant women should take Thuja 200, only after a doctor’s consultation.
  • There are no side effects of Thuja occidentalis 200. However, confirmation with the doctor is a must.
  • Consumption of fast food and sugary beverages must be stopped.
  • Healthy fats are the only type of fats that your body must receive.
  • Regular exercise helps in maintaining hormonal balance.

Reviews for Thuja 200

Here are some of the reviews from the customers who benefited from Thuja 200 medicines.

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1. I have been suffering from PCOD for a few months now and had to bear with massive hair fall, as a symptom of the disease. The loss of hair made me very insecure about my look and I stopped going out to meet people. I was ashamed of myself for looking so bad. I tried all the home remedies available on the internet and tried medicines too. After a lot of research and doctor visits, my friend recommended that I get homeopathic treatment. I had tried all home remedies so I was reluctant to go, but I had nothing to lose so went away. My doctor prescribed me Thuja 200, and within 3 weeks of medication my hair fall has reduced drastically and my period was also in time. I highly recommend this medicine to all.
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I suffered from massive weight gain when diagnosed with PCOD/PCOS. I tried various medications, but they worked in the beginning and later stopped showing results. Then I came across Thuja 200 on Flipkart. I thought of giving it a shot since it is a homeopathic medicine. I tried it and have seen a huge difference. My body weight does not fluctuate rapidly and no extra fats get added.
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I was diagnosed with PCOD/PCOS when I was in my early twenties. The treatment showed positive improvements in the start and went back to normal as soon as my body got accustomed to the disease. I got married after a few years and my disorder created problems for me to conceive. I went to a lot of doctors and found out that the constant formation of cysts in my ovaries is causing the trouble. Finally, my mother suggested I visit a homeopathic doctor, who then prescribed me Thuja 200. I took the medicine regularly and saw positive results by having regular periods. After a few months, we tried to conceive again and it worked. This medicine changed my life. Highly recommended to all struggling women out there!


Most frequent questions and answers

Unlike other homeopathic medicines like Lachesis which has snake venom, thuja does not have any poison in it. Medicines like Thuja 200 are completely safe, made out of natural, organic substances.

The only similarity between the two is, both the diseases are associated with the ovaries. PCOS occurs because of endocrine disorders however, PCOD is caused because of hormonal imbalance.

No, this disease is not harmful. Though it leads to the formation of cysts in the ovaries leading to hormonal imbalance, weight gain, acne, facial hair growth, etc.

Getting rid of PCOD/PCOS permanently is not possible. It is a lifelong disorder with no permanent cure found yet. However, a good balance between the lifestyle changes and medicines helps immensely in controlling the disorder to its very leash. Dietary changes, regular exercise and abundant sleep can help immensely in maintaining a good hormonal balance. However, the best-suited medication should be followed for the best results.

The medicine is used in homeopathy to treat various disorders like respiratory, nervous and hormonal disorders popularly known as PCOD/PCOS.


Nowadays, we see that disorders like PCOD/PCOS have become very common among women. We all know at least one woman diagnosed with this disease. Changes in the environment, increased pollution levels, lifestyle changes, deteriorating food habits are contributing factors that lead to the diagnosis of such disorders.

PCOD/PCOS highlights the disorder of the ovaries whose exact reason for the occurrence is unknown. The sudden formation of cysts results in changes in the activities of the ovary that affect the entire body. These cysts act as a barrier in between the vital functioning of the body, that is, periods and pregnancy.

So, we must be very cautioned when diagnosed with the disease and maintain precautions to lead a normal life.

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