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Management of PCOD with Silicea 200: Is this homeopathic medicine effective?

SBL Homeopathic medicine Silicea Dilution, often known as pure flint, is homeopathic medicine. It is devoid of contaminants because it is made from only the finest raw ingredients. It aids in the formation of bones in youngsters who are still growing. It also helps with the production of pus and gland swelling, as well as sleepwalking.

It is also known as Silica, Silicea, Silicea Terra, Si.

Medicinal efficacy of silicea 200

The homeopathic system of medicine employs a diverse set of therapeutic agents derived from various basic materials. The group of tissue cures is an example of a homeopathic medicine category. These are twelve salts made up of various elements that serve important roles in the body. Silicea is one of the twelve remedies that have a wide range of effects on all body systems.

  • Silicon oxides make up Silicea, commonly known as Silicea Terra.
  • Skin, hair, nails, muscles, nerves, and other connective tissue all contain collagen.
  • It’s made into a medicinal substance by the homeopathic method of trituration, which can subsequently be shaped into tablets or used as higher-potency liquid medicine.
  • The skin and hair, glands, bones, digestive, endocrine, and reproductive systems, to name a few, are all part of its domain of action.
  • It’s a common tissue treatment and 200 potency medicine in homeopathic clinics.
  • Silicea 6x benefits in a lot of affected areas and has very few adverse effects.

Why is it recommended when it comes to silicea?

To be able to employ homeopathic medication to its maximum potential It is critical to comprehend Silicea 12x ‘s activities. It is frequently used in chronic conditions where the patient has lost mental, physical, and emotional strength.

  • It aids in the prevention of bone and teething problems in youngsters. As well as the development of vitality and immunity.
  • Silicea is commonly recommended for children who are ill not because they are malnourished, but because they are unable to digest and assimilate the food they consume.
  • With their huge heads and thin bodies, these children are feeble. They have weak bones and sweat heavily on their heads. These kids are usually cold, therefore they need to be wrapped up in a warm blanket.
  • Silicea, a homeopathic remedy for digestive problems, can also help. When other symptoms are present, chronic constipation is a signal for this therapy.
  • Another prominent issue that Silicea 200 treats are headaches, particularly one-sided headache.
  • The headache starts at the back of the head and progresses up the head, eventually settling over one eye.

Possible Indications to Start Using Silicea

  • Silicea is a great way to get rid of hormonal abnormalities.
  • One of the most common symptoms of hormone imbalance is acne. Silicea can help with menstruation irregularities and a messed-up metabolism.
  • This drug may help to control thyroid problems. Other concerns that can be helped by the right dosage of Silicea include premature aging and bone problems that come with getting older.
  • When the skin is unhealthy and every minor damage leads to the formation of an abscess, it is advisable to use Silicea.

More Applications of Silicea

  • Silicea 6x uses can be found in the treatment of brittle nails and mild acne.

    • When pus needs to be drained, such as from boils, abscesses, or splinters, Silicea comes in handy.
    • It aids the body’s expulsion of foreign objects and helps to reduce scar development.
    • Headaches brought on by stress
    • Silicea is characterized by forgetfulness and a short memory.
    • Silicea is known as the homeopathic surgeon because of its capacity to aid in the elimination of non-functional organic materials from the body.
    • If your teeth are decaying, your hair is drab, and your nails are brittle, try silicea.
    • Mother’s milk is vomited by infants.
    • Alcohol and stimulant intolerance, as well as cold intolerance.

Side Effects of Silicea 200

  • It is crucial that you know every possible effect of the medicine on your body.

    • The most common symptoms were abdominal distension
    • Patients might suffer some signs of heartburn.
    • Abdominal cramps are said to be experienced
    • One of the rare effects is diarrhea.
    • Other problems included nausea and vomiting.
    • Patients may experience epigastric pain.

Precautions to be taken

    • Carefully examine the label.
    • It is not advised to self-medicate.
    • Do not take more than the amount prescribed.
    • Children should not have access to this product.
    • While taking the medication, stay away from any harsh odors in your mouth.

Final Thought

A skilled homeopathic practitioner is an ideal person to consult about medication dosage and frequency. You must have your health inspected, analyzed, and treated according to a doctor’s recommendations.

The doctor can advise you on the best medicine for you and how to use it to get the most out of it. In general, in high potencies, the medicine is given as a single dose, while in lesser potencies, it is given often.

It can also be given as a tissue remedy (3x, 6x, 12x, etc.). Silicea 6x, when used as a tissue remedy, compliments the action of the potencies indicated above and can be used in a variety of ways to achieve the greatest results.{1}


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