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Introduction –

Looking for a homeopathic solution to treat PCOD? We have the best with us!

Lachesis is the best homeopathic remedy used for treating PCOD or PCOS. Usually, the symptoms of PCOD or PCOS affect the left side of the body. The menstruation cycle becomes short with very little flow, resulting in severe abdominal pain.
The pain is only released when the flow starts. Other characteristic traits seen in a person are, they become talkative and tend to jump from topic to topic, finding it hard to concentrate on a particular thing. They become jealous too.
Lachesis homeopathic medicine is believed to be the best remedy to cure pain and problems especially on this side of the body.

Lachesis Tablet Uses

The two widely used Lachesis tablets are

  • Lachesis 200
  • Lachesis 30

The Lachesis 200 uses are prominently helpful in treating the disorders related to the menstrual cycle. It relieves women with excessive period pains. It also cures the pain or swelling occurring on the left side of the ovary.


Lachesis 30 is used for similar purposes as well.

The tablets are filled with homeopathic substances, reducing the side effects. The tablets not only help in relieving menstrual cramps but also help in curing other problems as well like

  • Toothache
  • Skin disorder
  • Eye disorders
  • Disorders with the circulatory system
  • Pain in the ear

Lachesis Price

The price range of Lachesis homeopathy medicines is available in a range of Rs. 100 – 120. Homeopathy medicines are trusted by a huge population in our country and having average prices increases its availability for all. The quantity of the medicines is enough to use for a month. Therefore, in a month, both the medicines would cost about Rs 200.

Lachesis Dosage

Well, the ideal way for determining the appropriate dosage of the medicine is by consulting a doctor. However, Lachesis 200 dosage should be taken once a week only. Generally, 1 dose of the medicine solves most of the problems.

Why should we seek help for PCOD?

Why does it feel that women are always on the radar? Be it because of the patriarchal system or their natural being itself. Though giving birth to a child is a blessing in disguise, it comes with a lot of hard work both before and after the child.

A woman is prepared for motherhood way back when she is a child herself. The onset of periods is a constant reminder for us to become a mother someday.

 But why should we? Is it important to bear a child to prove the true worth of being a woman?

Well, this controversy has no end. Every generation of women questions the same thing, but we cannot help it. We start to imbibe it within ourselves so much so that it becomes normal. The extent is so effective that women tend to adopt a male perspective about such a topic whenever aid is discussed to be provided.


That’s the problem, just right there. If we women won’t stand up for our pain, no one else will. Okay, we accept periods, it is the only way I and you are alive right now having the best mothers and benign one ourselves or preparing to be one. It’s true, there is no bigger happiness than holding your creation.

Even though we women suffer from periods, their problems don't end. There are certain hormonal imbalances in the body because of which most women suffer from PCOD or PCOS. It is vital to seek help for the disease to lead a good lifestyle.

What is PCOD or PCOS?

Polycystic Ovarian Disorder or PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome is a common hormonal disorder that occurs in women who get regular periods. The hormonal imbalance in a woman gives rise to a set of symptoms known as PCOS. These symptoms include

  • Late or no periods
  • Acne
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Facial hair
  • Weight gain
  • Difficulty in conceiving or getting pregnant
  • Pain in the lower back or pelvic region

Moreover, the disease demands a complete lifestyle change from us, which is why it is important to seek help at the right time and take precautions.

What are the symptoms of PCOD/PCOS?

There is no specific reason for the occurrence of the syndrome. It can happen to any woman irrespective of their age. The only common thing here is, it occurs among menstruating women. Meaning, women who get their periods regularly or irregularly. Some of its symptoms are:

  • Male Hormones
  • Females consist of female as well as male hormones. When the secretion of male hormones increases in the body, the disease starts to grow. The growth of facial hair and broadening of the female structure especially in the shoulders, arms and stomach regions are the common symptoms for detecting some abnormalities in the body.
  • Period Problems
  • It is not important to have irregular periods to get PCOD/PCOS. Some women get regular periods and are yet diagnosed with the disease. However, it is common for most women to face some kind of period problems. These period problems act like an early detector for the onset of the disease. Women face problems like:
  • Irregular or delayed periods
  • Extreme changes in the flow. It is either too heavy or too feeble.
  • Spotting starts before the ideal date for periods
  • Suffering from body ache and vomiting before the periods start.
  • Weight Gain
  • The sudden increase in weight might raise quite a few eyebrows and cause stress and anxiety as well. Weight gains are too personal for women and suffering from that is a trauma a few people understand. However, sudden weight changes also act as a symptom of the disease.

These were the most common symptoms of PCOD/PCOS which act as an alarm. These symptoms alert us of something wrong happening with the body and make us visit the doctor only to know more.

Why does PCOD/PCOS happen?

The exact cause of PCOD/PCOS is still unknown. However, there are other causes like the excessive release of insulin and male hormones in the body which leads to the disease. Genetics also plays an important role in the disease to happen.


Why does PCOD/PCOS happen?

You are most prone to the disease if you have it in your genetics. If there is a family history of PCOS/PCOD patients, then you have to be careful. Also, there is no specific group of people to whom this disease may happen. It can happen to any woman who gets her periods.

What are the biomedical ways to cure PCOD/PCOS?

There is no cure for the disease. However, there are other ways in which you can control the disease. First of all, consultation with the doctor is mandatory. The doctor will guide us through the medications and precautions we have to follow to control the disease.

The only decision we have to make is whether we have to take an allopathic or homeopathic consultation.

How does Lachesis help with PCOD/PCOS?

Lachesis is a medicine extracted from snake poison that helps in decomposing the blood into a fluid state during the body of septic states or blood clots formed inside the body.

 The Lachesis is advised mostly to cure the left side of the body. Lachesis homeopathy medicines help in curing the sharp, burning pain occurring in the left ovaries. Generally, the ovaries get swollen and inflamed, also severe pain is felt during menstruation near the lower abdomen.

When we suffer from irregular menstruation with menstrual blood being black and have a foul smell, we may resort to this medicine.


Is homeopathy effective for PCOD/PCOS?

Homeopathy is an ayurvedic science that has shown great progress over the years. Initially, this practice was started in India, where the sages and doctors treated patients with 100% natural herbs and juices. For example – the usage of tulsi and neem leaves for cough and cold, etc.

There have been instances where homeopathy has shown more progress than allopathic treatments. People from all over the world come to India for various types of treatments.

Speaking of PCOD/PCOS specifically, yes homeopathy is effective in treating the disease. As we know, there is no permanent cure for the disease, however, precautions can help. 

Homeopathic medicines help in curing different symptoms of PCOD effectively. 

As we know, homeopathic medicines may take some time to react but it treats the problem from the roots. It can even help in treating the infertility of women along with other symptoms like hair loss, acne, weight gain.

Available treatment options for PCOD/PCOS

  • Allopathy – Under this treatment, doctors generally suggest contraceptives for 21 days every month to get regular periods. Birth control pills help in restoring the hormonal balance and regulate ovulation as well. Medications for type 2 diabetes and hair removal are also prescribed, which helps in maintaining appropriate insulin levels and restricts unwanted hair growth.
  • Homeopathy – There are homeopathic tablets available that help in the best treatment of PCOD/PCOS, showing great improvements and relief.
  • Ayurveda – Ayurveda is the only treatment in the world that is preventive as well as curative of the disease. Although the process is time-taking and depends upon the seriousness of the disease, it helps. We must consult an Ayurvedic doctor to get proper guidance for the treatment and follow it religiously.

Is Lachesis safe for consumption?

We know that Lachesis is extracted by diluting snake venom. Though high risks are possible, this medicine does not seem to show any. The medicines are available in normal conditions and help in curing various symptoms of the disease, making them effective and efficient.

 The availability of the medicine in the market is in highly diluted forms to safeguard from the venom. People often worry when hearing of the disease and are ready to use the medicine almost immediately to safeguard themselves. There are a lot of people who are so satisfied with the product that they fail to agree with the presence of venom in the medicine. It is a miracle for them.

However, there is one side-effect of Lachesis. The Lachesis homeopathy side effects are none when taken in a diluted form. However, its concentrated form is said to cause paralysis and haemorrhaging leading to fatal consequences. Therefore, it is very important to consume the diluted solution only.

How to take Lachesis?

The ideal way of taking Lachesis is after the consultation with a doctor. Although we can suggest certain ways since it is a homeopathic medicine it has its way to affect our body. So, it is best to visit a doctor and get prescribed the dosage and how to take the medicine.

Safety advice for Lachesis

Special researches have been conducted earlier to prove the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines. In the research, it was concluded that homeopathy can be used to treat acute as well as chronic diseases.

Even though the research was based on homeopathic medicines, the main focus was Lachesis muta. It is the component found in most of the medicines that we consume.

The researchers were quite impressed with the exceptional properties of these medicines and their low pricing. Having said all this, we can easily understand that Lachesis is safe.

However, make sure to not consume the concentrated forms of Lachesis. The diluted forms are made so to protect us and cure us, so there is no point in taking risks as it may lead to fatal accidents.

Substitute of Lachesis

Even though Lachesis is widely used, it does not mean it does not have competition. Nowadays, nothing or nobody waits for one particular thing. If they are unavailable to find things, they switch to another. This is what happens with Lachesis. Let us know about some of the other homeopathy medicines effective for PCOD/PCOS/

  • Pulsatilla – This medicine helps to solve PCOD with scanty and less menstrual flow. Whenever periods are delayed or the flow is scanty, this medicine is provided. The patients usually consume less water with constant mood swings. This medicine is suitable for girls whose diagnosis starts at puberty itself.
  • Sepia – PCOS can be very painful at times. During severe pains in the back and abdomen, the patient becomes irritable and indifferent. Periods are irregular with extreme conditions like either it is early with the scanty flow or it is late with heavy flow. In these conditions, sepic acts as the best homeopathic cure.
  • Graphites – When some hardness can be felt on the ovarian region and there is tearing pain in the stomach, the patients get late periods with pale and scanty flow. At times, there are cases where the patients suffer from PCOD with constipation. Then, graphites are used for instant remedy.


Quick tips for Lachesis and/or PCOD/PCOS

  • Lachesis should not be consumed in concentrated form
  • PCOD/PCOS cannot be cured permanently.
  • Consumption of carbohydrates in the diet must be reduced to maintain appropriate insulin levels.
  • A high-protein diet helps women to cut down cards and reduce weight consequently.
  • Make sure of the meals that you eat. Do not eat less than your required portions.
  • Exercising helps in keeping the body in shape and eliminating other harmful fats from the body.
  • Sufficient sleep is vital for the proper functioning of the body and hormone secretion.
  • Stop stressing about everything. Although it is easier said than done, it has to be done. Stress affects our bodies in various ways and is completely unhealthy. Try to be calm and do everything with ease.

Reviews for Lachesis


We often have some questions arising in regards to PCOD/PCOS or Lachesis. So, let us start clearing our doubts with the help of some FAQs

There is no specific reason known for the cause of the disease. However, genetics and hormonal imbalances lead to the disease?

No, there is no permanent cure for the disease. However, treatments and medication help in preventing the symptoms.

Yes, PCOD/PCOS reduces the chances of a woman getting pregnant. The hormonal imbalances and cysts in the ovaries make it difficult for ovulation to take place. Hence, making it difficult to conceive.

Lachesis mutus is a remedy that relieves us from the hot flashes we face during menopause, especially during hot weather or the occurrence of periods.

The medicines made of Lachesis have a diluted form of snake venom to help in curing many diseases. Lachesis is generally extracted from the venom of a snake named Lachesis muta.


We got to know about another problem which women face and suffer from. Being of Indian origin myself, it is safe to say that women are truly the incarnation of the goddess.

The disease has neither an origin nor a cure so it somehow stays with us lifelong. So, it is better to check out which treatments suit us best and follow them.

As it is said, prevention is better than cure!


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