graphites 30

graphites 30

Taking Graphites 30 for PCOS with constipation ”  Is the right homeopathic call ?” Introduction – Some of you may be new, some already familiar with the use of graphite in homeopathic medication to solve various health problems. Honestly, who could have ever imagined it to be a cure for the body! Fortunately, with the …

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sepia 200 uses

Sepia 200 uses

Can you rely on Sepia 200 for your PCOD and PCOS? Know the facts about this homeopathic medicine here ! Introduction – Sepia 200 uses ? Hundreds and thousands of studies and researches are conducted daily in the field of medicine. The only reason behind this is the growing population and problems among them. The …

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Sepia 200 for PCOS


TAKING SEPIA 200 FOR PCOS IS IT ACTUALLY EFFECTIVE AND SAFE ? KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT IT HERE Introduction – Women’s health differs from that of men in unique ways due to a myriad of gender-related and biological differences. The World Health Organisation or WHO addresses health as an individual’s state of physical as well as …

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pulsatilla 200

pulsatilla 200

USING PULSATILLA FOR DELAYED PERIODS IS IT THE RIGHT CALL? Introduction – pulsatilla 200 ? Delayed periods or absence of menses is a very commonly reported problem by women worldwide. A regular menstrual cycle lasts up to 5 or 7 days. This cycle is supposed to restart within 30 days after the previous menstrual cycle. …

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Pulsatilla for periods


Using Pulsatilla for periods Is it the right call? Know A to Z about pulsatilla here. An introduction to Pulsatilla Never heard of it? Pulsatilla is a pasque plant which when dried can serve several medicinal purposes. This herb is the perfect solution to problems relating to male and female reproductive parts, nerve problems, digestive …

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pulsatilla 30

pulsatilla 30

IS PULSATILLA EFFECTIVE FOR PERIODS? KNOW THIS HOMEOPATHIC TABLET’S EFFICIENCY HERE! Introduction Pulsatilla 30 ?The homeopathic medicinal practice believes in the body’s ability to cure itself by triggering its natural defenses with the help of organically sourced natural ingredients. This practice was started and developed in Germany around 200 years ago. Traditionally the ingredients used …

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